in desperate need of summer


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the new gallery


I’ve just added the new ‘doddles’ gallery to my website. Will try to update it regularly :)


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I have decided to make paper backgrounds that I used for my project “magnet toys” again.

I had the idea of taking photographs of my crochet toys on such backgrounds before but for no particular reason I didn’t use them. Now I realise that new crochet animals look fantastic on coloured collage paper so it’s pointless not to do that. So, now I can say that the project “Magnet Toys” has been reincarnated. I am satisfied and happy now and so are the toys. For it’s so wonderful when you have a chance to carry on with the techniques and ideas you’ve always been fond of.


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happy Easter


I don’t have an Easter Bunny but I have the Elephanny!


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Hi guys!I have committed a terrible crime. I feel ashamed to tell the truth but nothing can be done, I have to do it. last summer I crocheted an awesome wolf, that loves the sea. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to take the wolf to the sea in order to take photographs of him there. He has been waiting for his debut in the pages of my blog in the wardrobe for the whole winter. Today I’m going to make up for it and show you my lovely wolf. However he hasn’t been to the sea yet. So he is sad now, my poor wolf, and still dreaming about the seaside.

Is there anyone among you, my readers, who lives by the sea? If there is, my wolf would be happy to move to your place. A small house on the coast of Cornwall, the White Sea or in the area of Norwegian Fiords would make my wolf happy and delighted (well, this is what he told me, anyway).


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is today a good day for fishing ?

When the party is over the kittens go fishing :)


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almost there

Hi friends, congrats with a first day of the spring and the International Cat Day!
Kittens are ready, but they are having party today so I will introduce them to you next week. Thanks for you understanding and patience. See you soon)


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a fox from Bracknell Forest

I had to put a side ‘the kittens project’ for a couple of weeks in favor of one very special order for a very special customer! I can’t tell you more as this must be a surprise :)

This order was a great fun and pleasure for me, thank you Sandra!


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starting new kittens

Being busy with the home move it is hard to concentrate on a new design. Hope this cute project won’t become a long story.


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sale sale sale



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