the game is not over

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Recently I had another round of tag game with my flickr contact Kaye Lewis – a lampwork and jewellery artist from Oxford.

You won’t believe but her eye was caught with my another sea structure brooch. Kaye made a set of ‘poddle’ beads, which literally blew my mind. In contrast with my bright colours style, she used very gentle and natural pastel palette. Transparency gives additional feeling of ‘water’ – you literally feel these sea anemones are alive! Her texture of ‘stones’ is amazing!


I was so amazed that I decided to try the same palette to achieve similar effect. However, I was limited by crochet technology and materials, but I tried to get best of it.

Through the work I was so carried away by this experiment and I ended up with a set of brooches.


Thanks to Kaye, I could see the beauty of pastel colours which I never used before.


P.S. I’ll share other brooches very soon :)


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  • Hi Sasha, I’m so happy to see this! :) I’ve just moved into my purpose built studio so I’ve not been around much. Your stress ball cats, hmm well I’m thinking I should create some cats. Back soon! ps. I’m from Cambridge hehe! xx