stress relief cats

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In 2001, I created my first stress Relief cat designs. Initially, the cats were created to gifts for my friends but then I decided to sell them to the public. The Stress relief Cats were first unveiled at my personal exhibition that was held in St. Petersburg in the spring of 2002.

There was one Stress Relief Cat that I was particularly proud of at exhibition. It happened to catch the eye of a member of the famous Russian MITKI art group. He was inspired with my cat, so much so that he asked if I could customise a Stress Relief Cat to be used as a lucky charm for the Mitki’s publishing house. To this day the lucky charm is alive and kicking!

After the exhibition, I displayed and sold my Stress Relief Cats at various exhibitions and craft fairs in Russia. Although my designs were very popular online, unfortunately this also meant many imitations of my own designs were created. In 2011 I started selling my cats in my very own shop on

The cats have found new admirers and owners. They are global travelers living in various countries and continents. I’m very happy for them!!!


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