best of ‘magnet-toys’

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My ‘magnet-toys’ project was published on in Russia between 2008-2010.

It started off as a fun project mainly because of the quirky style of the products. The idea of magnet-toys was simple, I wanted to make cheap and funny souvenirs.

I choose a particular technique when combined both sewing and drawing to create my souvenirs – as these two techniques happen to be my favourite.

I decided to make funny animal figures, people and fairy tales characters. These funny figures were sewn, primed and hand painted with acrylic colours. Each figure contained a small magnet inside.

The ‘magnet-toys’ proved to be popular amongst magnet collectors, children, parents and people who were looking for funny and original gifts for their friends. The project lasted for two years, I made about 700 figures most were OOAK pieces.

I took part in ten exhibitions and craft fairs. I worked with a few known Russian galleries and showrooms, and I even had an articles published in a special craft magazine. In addition I illustrated three books in my own original style. As result I wrote my own book about the technique I used for my magnet toys.

My ‘magnet-toys’ project naturally came to an end and now I am waiting for the release of my book.


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